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Sink differences, rise againt terror
By: Editor | 25-12-2012
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Awami National Party (ANP) President Asfandyar Wali Khan has called for the preparation of a decisive plan of action and destruction of the sanctuaries of the terrorists who are not ready to denounce violence.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday after ANP consultative committee meeting, Asfandyar said elimination of terrorism is state responsibility and not of a party. He said in order to build across-the-board consensus, the ANP has nominated people who will contact leaders of all the political parties and national institutions for a comprehensive strategy against terrorism.
The ANP president appealed all the political parties to sit together irrespective of their political viewpoint and devise a strategy on the single issue of how to counter the menace of extremism and terrorism.He made it clear that the ANP would not give up the path of political process and elections despite attacks on its leadership including Bashir Bilour and his companions.“
The government is actually responsible to root out terrorism, not a single party alone. For this purpose, there is need to have a national approach, and it will be possible, if all the stakeholders are taken into confidence,” he told the press conference.Besides others, ANP Central General Secretary Ihsan Wyne, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, Senator Afrasiyab Khattak, Senator Haji Adeel, Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Senator Azam Khan Hoti, Senator Shahi Syed and Senator Zahid Khan were also present on the occasion.
Asfandyar was of the view that this is not ANP’s war only but actually this is a battle for survival for all of us. Still certain parties are silent even to condemn suicide bombing and blasts, but they are quick enough to denounce drone attacks. Why is this double standard, he questioned.He said while the ANP condemned the drone attacks and collateral damages but questioned whether the suicide attacks by foreigners were not violation of our ground sovereignty and why people were not condemning them.
He urged the nation to stand united against the menace of terrorism and militancy and adopt a zero tolerance towards all violations of the country’s sovereignty and integrity. “As far as operations in Swat and Dir are concerned, the ANP had taken the ownership, however, if operation against militants is launched in FATA, there will be ownership of all parties as ANP’s ownership alone will not be sufficient,” he said.“We should go after the terrorist sanctuaries and evolve a national consensus on a comprehensive strategy for defeating terrorist outfits as talks will not work.”
Paying glowing tributes to Shaheed Bashir Ahmad Bilour and other martyrs of Dakki Naalbandi, Asfandyar vowed to carry forward the mission. The ANP is proud of all its martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for defending the country, he said.He said ANP has a long history of sacrifices for the country and Bashir Bilour’s martyrdom has added another golden chapter in the ANP and Pakistan’s political history.The blood of Bashir Bilour Shaheed will not go in vain and will go a long way in ridding the country from the scourge of extremism and terrorism, he added.
He said the ANP’s think tank has urged the Chief Minister KPK to appoint Haroon Bilour, the elder son of Bashir Bilour as Special Adviser to Chief Minister on Local Government and Rural Development. Replying to a query, he said that postponement of elections will be a big mistake for the country, and ANP will strongly oppose any move.He questioned that if elections can be held in war-ravaged Afghanistan, why not in Pakistan.Asfandyar said the party shall continue its non-violent struggle against extremism and terrorism.
He thanked all individuals and institutions in the province and the country and abroad who expressed their solidarity with the party.Asfand made it clear that the ANP will not surrender to violence and follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. He emphasised that it was not the fight of ANP but of the province and the country and why the ANP was being targeted. He, however, vowed that till one worker of the ANP was alive, the fight against terrorism and extremism will continue.Asfand said if instead of Bilour any other leader of a political party had been killed, there would have been violence and losses to national property. He said on the other hand as followers of Bacha Khan, the ANP did not go for violence and there was not a single incident of burning and looting or protest.

(courtesy : The Nation)

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