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You’ll Be Missed Next Year
By: Editor | 31-12-2012
Total Views:663

At the end of every year we pay a humble tribute to all those who no longer breathe among us, we remember all those who will be missed in coming days and we won’t be able to hear their voice, see their face, cherish their attributes and sing their songs. We remember all the big names of the political arena, intellectual world, super stars of the showbiz and all renowned individuals, whom we don’t want to forget ever.

I just thought for a while that every human being is special and extraordinary for his family, friends and near dear ones. The individual will be missed by all his family as a loveable brother, priceless sister, a great dad, the best mom, my dear husband, my lovely wife, my sunny boy and my little princess. The being will be missed by all his mates and colleague as the “best friend” and a “respectable partner”. So my this little piece is for all those who were celebrated individuals in their own circles, who influenced many lives but kept it silent, who sacrificed their own lives but still remained anonymous, and who will be deeply missed by all their loved ones.

 My this little tribute is for all those who are just “human beings” for the whole nation, who are not going to be missed by the whole world, to all those who are anonymous for many, who lived and died as ‘unknown’, and to all those who somehow contributed in
something positive for this country, for this world but never got the flash nor the public applause. Whose efforts remained unvoiced, were never colored and shown on the big canvas.

 All those who died in the terrorist attacks, suicide blasts, conflicts, aggressive acts, sectarian violence, target killings, natural calamities, who became the victims of any abuse, accident, enmity, any unfortunate incident, who sacrificed their lives for some
aim, who died in the line of duty, who died a natural death, who took their own lives for many hidden reasons, and all those who left their loved ones in any other way, I swear, you will be missed! No one can ever take your place, as every human has his own mark, his own place that is unique and irreplaceable. You all will be missed as beautiful individuals and great people. You will always be missed and remembered by the ones who feel empty without you and whose lives have been shattered by your loss.

 All fellow human beings and all countrymen, you may not hear my voice nor read my heart, but let me say it again, that you will be missed as country men, as a human beings. Enjoy your stay at a better place.

(courtesy : The News)

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