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PM To be Arrested, What Next?
By: Editor | 15-01-2013
Total Views:678

While the first coming of Tahir-ul-Qadri had only cracked a few crackers in the mercurial political scenario of Pakistan, the SC issuing order to PM in lieu of rental power case has completely set it on raging fire. What an unexpected whirlwind of events!

The exceptional judgment of PM to be arrested was pitched right after Tahirul Qadri had delivered his thunderous speech slashing aside all the allegations attached to him. According to him, no power, neither America or agencies is behind him, he’s solely guided and supported by the God, his Prophet, the lawyers and 18 billion dilapidated people of Pakistan. Where Tahir-ul-Qadri was prophesising with surprising firmness that the tenure of the present government is near its end, and the change is very imminent, the SC very amusingly chose it as the ‘shubh mahoorat’ to pronounce the judgment. However, to put all the facts on the plate, the SC had already been sending notices to NAB to bring in evidences and issue notices pertinent to the case. And then, Ansar Abbasi vehemently refuses that there’s any viable connection between the judgment and the long march.

What exactly do you think might be happening? Is the government itself giving way to Tahir-ul-Qadri to come over and topple them? If not, how do you explain, a glaring absence of security forces in Islamabad and all the special facilities bestowed to him to make his long march a success. This sudden change of wind that has brought an unexpected agent of change might be a prelude to a whole new chapter none of us might have imagined

The last I heard was Imran Khan going to bring about the change. How? No one including him knew. Now as the recent events have unfolded themselves, what is evident is that change may be our destiny but Imran might not bring it. However, no matter who comes and leaves, ‘the deciding power’ will remain the same, which may mean, it would only be a swap of faces and the rest will remain the same.

Smirks. I still wonder why Mr. Raja Pervez Ashraf, already embroiled in much corruption cases and controversies was deemed as the right choice for Prime minister’s office? Perhaps, he would have served as an easy sacrifice when need be…who knows. The painful thing is looking at the SC judgment, our ministry was handed over in absolute faith to a man whose character and credibility were in much question. So, we could slouch paying bills while our ministers continue to loot us. Why am I even surprised, the PM was only one such person. Who can vouch for the credibility of all the ministers sitting out there on tall saddles, while we mourn our dead beloveds on the cold streets on Quetta. 

With the theatricalities at play on our political sitcom, all we can do is weave controversy theories and bet who will come or leave. For things in this part of the country are more unprecedented than Karachi rains. Let’s sit back with a bag of chips and see whose umbrella this storm is heading to blow off.
(courtesy : The News)

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