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Our Shackling Education: A Tale of Woe
By: Editor | 27-01-2013
Total Views:3178

The decision between right and wrong requires reasons and for establishing the reasons we need to have knowledge, which in turn demands education.
In Pakistan, it is an established fact that quality of education depends on the quantity of money spent on it. To slack the thirst of knowledge, we join school and till matriculation, the young student is sincere with his studies rather than anything else.
But a tale of woe starts from intermediate where a new student becomes scared and starts thinking whether he is in college or in a collective unit of all political parties. On the first day, all student groups affiliated to different political parties welcome new students. As every group wants to be more prominent before newcomer, a race of bloody battle starts, injuring and killing many.The political parties rule colleges and universities, gaining support among the students and making the education institution a battlefield.
Now the question is, why political parties do not establish their own academy, with their party and founder’s name where they can teach their manifesto. Why colleges and universities are chosen to spread their agenda? Why promises of good marks are made if you affiliate with a political party?If this attitude prevails then we cannot achieve world recognition in education. No Asian University is listed in the top 130 universities of the world. Why it is so? The answer is our all-main stream political parties are least bothered for the betterment of education.Young students are raw material of nation, institutes are factories and professors are experts of converting raw material into useful product for nation. If unauthorised persons at factory gate mould raw material then product will not be nation friendly.
Islamabad police can spend Rs.25 million to manage security of Qadri’s Long March but funds always fall short to invest in a good university. I ished, Mr. Qadri had one point agenda that there should be no political party in educational institutions which is the first step to progress.Education is the base for a nation’s success .If the base is not made strong then the structure is bound to be awkward. Hundreds of years ago, our Holy Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) laid great emphasis on the importance of education. Muhammad Ali Jinah, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set practical examples for us. It is reasonably foreseeable that without grave measures for betterment of education, we cannot bring change.

(courtesy : The News)


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