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rabia shakeel : meri dua hai K is bar imran khan app is mulk k hukmaran hun To: suman(sialkot) 8 years ago
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Atif : Pakistan Zinda bad To: Shehnaz(BAHAWALPUR) 8 years ago
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Information Technology
انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی
The Gut’s Microbiome Changes Rapidly with Diet
By: Editor | 17-12-2013
A new study finds that populations of bacteria in the gut are highly sensitive to the food we digest By Rachel Feltman..... Read More
Comcast Will Spend Millions Developing And Promoting Khan Academy To Encourage Low-Income Broadband Adoption
By: Editor | 17-12-2013
Comcast has committed to pumping millions of dollars into a joint partnership with Khan Academy that will pay for produ..... Read More
NSA goes on 60 Minutes: the definitive facts behind CBS's flawed report
By: Editor | 17-12-2013
  Our take on five things the spy agency would like the public to believe about its vast surveillance powers ..... Read More
The New Age of Exploration
By: Editor | 15-06-2013
By Jamie Shreeve Photograph by Robert Clark In the Altay Mountains of southern Siberia, some 200 miles from where Rus..... Read More
Bojana Danilovic – The Woman Who Sees Everything Upside Down
By: Editor | 02-04-2013
Bojana Danilovic, a young woman from Serbia, suffers from a strange condition that has left both doctors and scientists ..... Read More
Hotel made from cake to open doors
By: Editor | 20-03-2013
 The world’s first “hotel” made entirely from cake is to welcome guests for one night only with r..... Read More
My country is beautiful, but I can’t see it
By: Editor | 14-03-2013
I am a child, who has just lost all of his toys, friends, parents and everything that was held dear by me. I thought I w..... Read More
Higher Education or Lower Education?
By: Editor | 14-03-2013
It’’s generally believed that as a student progresses from school to college and university, eventually enrolling..... Read More
The world’s most extreme road trips
By: Editor | 12-03-2013
Karakoram Highway, Pakistan and China Whether you are desperately revving your car’s engine to clear a narrow p..... Read More
The world’s most expensive dishes
By: Editor | 07-03-2013
The Golden Phoenix Cupcake   The world’s most expensive cupcake was introduced to sweet-toothed spectator..... Read More
World’s Tallest Hotel opens In Dubai
By: Editor | 01-03-2013
World’s Tallest Hotel opens In Dubai  The world’s tallest hotel has officially opened in Dubai. The 1..... Read More
Most Expensive Things in the World
By: Editor | 27-02-2013
Most Expensive Car in the WorldBugatti Veyron ( $ 1.7 million) / Bugatti Veyron SuperSport £ 1,7 million.  ..... Read More
Why One Should Not Wear Hijab?
By: Editor | 14-02-2013
It is yet alarming – the increasing popularity of Hijab in Pakistani society. For the valentine day supporters, he..... Read More
Misuse of Freedom in Cyber Space
By: Editor | 14-02-2013
The cyber world of digital information has no boundaries. The World Wide Web (WWW) is widely known as a vast avenue for ..... Read More
Most Costliest Houses in the World
By: Editor | 12-02-2013
 1. Three Ponds : $75,000,000 In Bridgehampton, New York, there sits a $75,000,000 estate that has its own golf ..... Read More
Iran rolls out Next Gen fighter jet
By: Editor | 03-02-2013
    Iran has presented its first domestically designed defense fighter-bomber jet with limited stealth c..... Read More